+ Computer Lab

Computer labs, where networked computers, multi media projectors and the latest audio visual aids have been employed to churn out professionals who can meet the challenges of the modern workspace.

+ Maths Lab

(Logical Lab) Numbers can be fun, we don’t just say it, we make our students feel it. Students from class I-X, use specialized to learn mathematical concepts, to prove theorems etc in the maths lab.

+ Science Lab

All 4 labs are well designed and well equipped with the latest facilities, with due importance given to safety. A dedicated team of teachers and lab attenders ensure that our students make the most out of it Social Studies Lab , our social studies laboratory, takes you on a mesmerizing journey, where you are offered a glimpse of India.

The journey takes you across centuries, from Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa through different eras of rulers, colonialism and finally the great Indian freedom struggle .All this depicted through charts , pictures and photographs. The walls are adorned with paintings of Indian monuments ( Akriti ),Landforms ( Prakriti ), evolution of modern India through various struggles (Jagriti ) and recent economic development of India ( Pragiti ) .

The vibrant and colourful lab showcases art work from different regions of India, Art Room “A picture speaks a thousand words “ The art room in our school is the most creative space in the school campus. It is here that the myriad colours of life intermingle with tiny as well as experienced hands. Students splash and play through their creative pursuits here. Different art forms are taught to them and it is here that great minds unleash their true potential.

The art department churns out dramatic elements of art on canvas through pencil sketches, water paints, crayons and pastels. Children love to spend time here, guided with loving hands, they create their own perceptions.